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Scan to pay

Our new application to scan your invoices with ISR and QR code, or IBAN number and to create your payment files for telebanking


  • Scan invoices with your office printer's scanner
  • OCR text recognition, keyword research
  • Processes PDF invoices (also PDFs including many pages).
  • Archives your documents, facilitates research


  • Reading and interpretation of coding lines (ESR / BVRB)
  • Reading and interpreting QR codes
  • Recognizes Swico codes from BVR-QRs
  • Recognizes IBAN number for invoices without QR or ESR
  • Allows you to archive the content of invoices and to do research on it


  • Creation of payment orders ISO 20022 standard and variant for Switzerland (pain.001.001.03.ch.02), XML validation
  • Payment orders validated on https://ubs-paymentstandards.ch/ and https://validation.iso-payments.ch/
  • Secured transmission using EBICS (Order type XE2 for Switzerland)


  • No need for scan eye reader or pen reader (uses your printer's scanner).
  • Tested with Epson, OKI, Brother, HP. Twain compatible, also read PDFs
  • FREE - up to 100 payments. Email or Teamviewer support.
  • Layout template with import / export function

Interfaces / connectors

  • Export to accounting: Winbiz, Cresus (other on request), breakdown in accounts, with VAT data, foreign currency
  • Export to Winbiz-Cloud (as suppliers invoices ), available through Winbiz app store

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How to install ScanToPay

Be sure to be an administrator of your PC

Download here                  Version 1.1.60 / 16.04.2021 (or more recent)

Microsoft Runtime pour C++ (required), Microsoft Dotnet 5.0 Runtime (required)

If runtime are not installed the QRDecoder and the OCR will  signal a DLL error

Software ins electroncally signed for your securité (certificat)