Payment traffic

Scanning of documents or invoices

How to digitize – walkthrough

Choose source Twain or PDFs + folder path or Drag & Drop from Outlook/PDFs

If necessary check [x] Peripheral interface display, set to gray level and 300 dpi (for QR-Code), if necessary check [x] double-sided

Click ‘Document acquisition’. All pages are read from scanner or PDF in one step, after scanning begins.


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Analyse of invoices

The software automatically tries the analysis with the QR-BVR footer model, then QR-BVR alone, and if no success it will search for an IBAN. You can also add your own templates. The analysis time is limited to 5 seconds per page.

The processing is automatic, and can be repeated

  1. For QR invoices, creditor data is contained in the QR code
  2. Line-of-coding analysis
  3. Text analysis via OCR. the text marked with the red ‘Dest’ (payment recipient), is analyzed to determine the name and address of the creditor (OCR Text Acquisition)

The ‘Display choice when saving’ checkbox allows confirmation after each page. Otherwise the procedure is automatic with a stop if the invoice is not complete.

Click in an area and use the lasso: You can adjust the parameters according to your scanner. The coordinates are in mm (relative to the left corner of your A4 pages). The lasso allows you to reposition an element. The 3 provided page templates are read-only.

To repeat the analysis of a page, choose Acquire QR / line of Coding / OCR. The Zone is extended in the direction up, left, right, down

Finally select Save or Ignore. You can also have a look at our PDFs or hints are available on most of the fields. 

For your support requests or suggestions: attach a copy of the invoice that you want to analyze (pdf)