Trafic de paiement

Usage of scanning function

When launching the program for the first time, you must define

Name of your company, the IBAN account (data to be completed later under 'debtors')
After you can start scanning invoices:

  • With Twain or Twain-Net, from the 'Scan' screen
  • Optionally Check [x] Display peripheral interface, set to gray level and 300 dpi (for QR-Codes)
  • Or by scanning documents to the scanner folder (BMP, PNG, or PDF format pages) in grayscale (300 dpi)


Choose the Source for the acquisition (bmp, png, pdf or the scanner), and click 'Acquire a document'. All pages are read from the scanner in one step, after the scan begins.

For invoices with a coding line, the text marked with the red square 'Dest' (recipient of payment) is analyzed by OCR to determine the name and address of the creditor. The data must be verified. (An offset of a few millimeters can cause errors, you may need to adjust the Y parameter under Coding / QR and Dest)

For QR invoices, the creditor data is in the QR code

For the other invoices, a document model can be created to allow the semi-automatic recognition of the content, in this case you have to choose the model (for example 'Payment Slip' only), then do 'Acquisition of coding line'.

By pressing Save you confirm that the document has been saved and the content is indexed. If no errors or duplicates are detected, the document is saved without confirmation

As long as an invoice is not used for a payment you can erase the document, and the creditor. You can adjust the settings according to your scanner. The coordinates are in mm (relative to the left corner of your A4 pages).

For your support requests or suggestions:

info @ dupuis-informatique, ch ev. attach a copy of the invoice to be scanned (pdf)